No Reason For Rules -
Understanding Adolescent Sexuality

Youth And Adult Version Available.

This seminar takes an in-depth look at today’s adolescent sexual culture and the “whatever goes” mentality. What are the new trends and attitudes? What role do the media play, if any, in the sexualisation of youth? How is the brain impacted by sex and what is the emotional impact? What do parents, youth workers and other caring adults do with all the information to help our youth navigate through.

Girl Talk -
4 Pressures Every Girl Will Face

Youth And Adult Version Available.

This can be a two hour seminar taking a look at four factors all girls will encounter at some point, either indirectly or personally. Or, each topic can be its own seminar.

1. Friendships & Female Aggression

Girls were created to be in relationship. Friendships are valuable and necessary but girl-world can be a brutal place. We will discuss the importance of friends, the reality of female bullying (aggression) and how to teach our girls to deal with it.

2. Self-Worth

Where do our girls get their sense of worth from? What messages are the media giving and does it really impact how our girls think? This section will look at several angles to determine what our girls are hearing and how we can assist them.

3. Anxiety & Depression

The pressure to be good at school, be a great friend, be talented and have a fabulous personality can create some heavy pressure. We will look at the reality of anxiety and depression amongst teens. What to look for and how you can help.

4. Sexual Pressure

Youth today are being bombarded with an onslaught of sexual messages daily. This section will focus on the reality of sexual pressure and the impact it can have.

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